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We Sell Hair Clippers!

15 Apr 2020

While lockdown continues, you're not able to visit your barber for hair cut. We have all tools you need during this challenging time.

Hair Clippers

Trimmers and Shavers

Scissors and Shears

Capes and Dusters

For the bes overall clipper, we recommend Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip Clipper.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip Clipper

The Magic Clip has the ability to be corded or cordless. The lithium-ion battery holds the charge for 90 minutes. 

It’s a lightweight clipper that weighs approximately 10 ounces. The Magic measures around 6 inches long. The dimensions of the clipper make it comfortable in the professional’s hand.

Included in the kit are attachment combs for providing customers with any length haircut they could want. The combs range from 1/8th of an inch to 1 inch. There’s the 3 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm, 19 mm, and 25 mm.

Along with the attachments, the clipper set comes with oil for maintaining the device in the best shape possible. A cleaning brush will remove hairs from clogging the blades. That’s included with the clipper, too.

The best thing about the Magic Clip is the fact that it’s cord/cordless cutting option is so versatile. While you’re working, you can plug in the device or remove the cord for the best movement possible.

While it has a variety of combs, you can also use the taper lever on the device. It is a no-fuss way to get a great fade for your clients. Blending is much easier with the lever, too. It beats having to stop and change out to a comb midway through the haircut.

This is a professional-grade device that offers experts the performance they need for client work. It has a rotary motor that stays cooler longer. The rotary motor is one of the best kinds for professionals who need to rely on the clipper throughout their day.

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