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Award Winning City Lips Lip Plumper Available

12 Apr 2016

City Lips are exclusive cosmetic formulas with extraordinary results for fuller sexier lips. City Lips is an advanced formula lip plumper that instantly delivers dramatic plumping effects. It provides instant fullness, definition, hydration and long-lasting plumping benefits. City Lips works safely, painlessly and without irritation or numbness, and even diminishes and fades the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

A study was performed on a group of 15 women and found they got fuller lips after 10 minutes on its application. They used it for 30 days daily and it give long term results with using daily up to this duration.

City Lips works instantly to give you immediate, visible results and works long term to keep plumping your lips with continuous use. In fact, in 2004 AND 2007, the Good Housekeeping Institute conducted test on different lip plumpers, including Lip Fusion, Lip Fusion XL, and Lip Venom. CITY Lips was declared the best and most effective lip plumper on the market both times!

CITY Lips Plumpers are available for purchase in Fabove store at $59.95 each tube for 30 day use. Please contact us to purchase you City Lips.

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