Blinc Makeup

STOP Painting Your Lashes...TUBE Them! Blinc's Kiss Me is the world's first mascara innovation to form tiny water-resistant tubes around your lashes that stay on better than waterproof mascaras yet come off easily without the need for a makeup remover. Once Blinc mascara is applied, the tubes bind to your lashes and cannot run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes. Blinc mascara adds both volume and length to give you a radiant natural look that lasts all day.


Blinc MascaraBlinc mascara is the original mascara invented to form tiny water-resistant "tubes" around your lashes rather than...
Blinc Mascara AMPLIFIEDAfter almost a decade in development, Blinc mascara AMPLIFIED provides incredible, build-able, glamorous volume and length,...
Blinc EyelinerBlinc offers this innovative water resistant, no-smudge eyeliner. Liquid and easily applied, Blinc eyeliner forms a water-resistant...
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