Made in Italy, Parlux Professional Blow Dryer is probably the best hair dryer in the world. Quality, Efficiency, Reliability and Durability! Equipped with silence, disturbance-free and noiseless motor, Parlux hair
dryer is quiet, hot and powerful.


Parlux Alyon Lightweight Air Ionizer Tech Hair Dryer
Parlux Alyon Lightweight Air Ionizer Tech Hair Dryer The New Parlux Alyon hair dryer boasts a sophisticated, innovative,...
The Parlux 385 PowerLight Hair Dryer is equipped with a new engine K-Lamination® by Ciaramella longer lasting and...
The Parlux 2800 features all of the latest technological qualities that hair stylists and barbers have come to...
Parlux Diffuser for Alyon Hair Dryers. It is a professional diffuser has been specifically designed for Parlux Alyon...
Parlux Melody Silencer Parlux research laboratories have developed a Patent Pending advanced technology system providing exceptional results in...
Parlux Magic Sense Special Diffuser with Adapter  Parlux MagicSense® is the special diffuser that revolutionises how you dry...
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